Cybersecurity, IT Security & Risk


Cybercrime has become a major global industry. It continues to grow as most of its victims have little choice but to have their system connected to the web even though this brings considerable risk. Legitimate organisations around the world are in an arms race with cyber criminals. An attack on a front-end system can very quickly paralyse the rest of the organisation. This will almost certainly be costly. Typically, these attacks also result in leaks of proprietary information and client data.

Given the increasing frequency of such attacks on organisations within both the public and private sectors, business leaders have invested heavily in both infrastructure and applications, in their security and risk functions. These investments have also been extended to hiring the right talent with appropriate technical skills. Good security and risk talent, provide insightful and accurate impact analysis and are highly skilled in both prevention and remediation.

Some examples of mandates undertaken include:
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Head of Cyber Security
  • Head of Technology Risk Management
  • Cyber Intelligence Lead